Thursday, November 29, 2018

Trustworthiness and Thankfulness- In "The Devil and Tom Walker"

Two values that you can sense are not applied in the morality of the two main characters of "The Devil and Tom Walker", Tom Walker and the Devil, are trustworthiness and thankfulness. Tom Walker, who is in misery and is living with his wife, despices his life-style and does not appreciate what he has and has worked for. Tom Walker does not even love his wife, not trusting her and conflicting with her all the time; he was not even prone to let his wife into his confidence about his secret, about-to-be-made pact with the Devil at first, although he ultimately said it to her, for he was unseasy with it; and she acted avaricely, later getting killed by the Devil beacause of it. The other main character, the Devil himself, logically lacks trustworthiness; he always searches deals to only benefit himself at the end, tricking people, like Tom, into falling into his pacts and being later enslaved by him in hell for eternity. 

When Tom grew old, he began to feel anxious about the next life he was going to obtain, and understood that he should not have trusted the Devil at the beginning, and he was right. Now, a direct example of how the value of being thankful is not present in any of the character´s set of values in the story is in Tom Walker´s wife. Even though Tom worked really hard to maintain her and their house, she always abused Tom both verbally and fisically, and Tom does not even trust her at all, despise being his wife.

I think that these two values, trustworthiness and trustfulness are not presented at any time in the story itself, but you can definetely sense the lack of them as the story advances because of how the characters act in their evolution throughout the events of it. For example, Tom, towards the end of the story, becomes someone that cannot be trusted either, stealing folk´s money out of his own parsimony, becoming kind of like the Devil, when at first, he was at least hard-working and an honest worker. You can easily sense that the evolution of the character´s morality does not have trustworthiness or thankfulness in it. 

In conclusion, I think it can be considered true that this two values are not exactly present in any of  the characters as a whole, but being the lack of them so easily percieved, you can definetely say that this story is, actually, adressing both of this values.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Thriller Story

In a remote shack, in the outskirts of a country that will not be mentioned, a wealthy family, who´s name won´t be revealed, went to a family trip by the time of winter, they had bought a whole mountain for themselves. They were a feall big family, so they went with a lot of luggage, not knowing what the other one had.

They all settled in the shack in the center of the mountain, the boy´s aunt, who was the half-sister of the boy´s mother, decided that she would sleer in the room at the end of the isle, she was a single, lonely widow that was married to a rich old man that had passed away because of a cancer, she loved to read thriller-themed books. The boy never payed attention to her, so he decided not to say that he wanted that room too, so he took the room next to his aunt´s.

Everyone settled in their respective rooms, the boy wanted to have tghe room all for himself, even though his little cousin  wanted to share room with him, as expected, his parents granted him that wish.

They arrived at the shack in the night-time, so everyone, after dinner was over, went to sleep. The boy´s aunt was the only one in the whole shack with the lights on, the boy was bothered by that. In his impotence for sleeping, he asked his weird aunt for a bookto read, she had a whole bag full of books, each one of them had a dark cover, with a specific hour written on it. The boy decided to pick the one that had "3 07" written on it. Before exiting the room, his aunt stared at him with a gloomy look, and saying nothing, the boy went to his room.

The boy wasn´t sure if he wanted to read, he was already scared by the cover of his aunt´s book, it had a certain inquity to it. It was 9 57 in the night when the boy decided to read the mysterious book, the first page was in blank, so was the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, and so on, it was incredibly weird. The boy looked through all of the pages, not skipping one, but every page was completely emptied of words. By the page 287, the book´s pages started to have dirt on it, with random scratches and rips, and finally, in the page 307, the words "Don´t sleep tonight" were written in a stronglypressed pencil. The boy started to shudder, he went to his aunt´s room to return the book and ask for some explanations, but the lights of his aunt´s room were already off. The boy decided to try and listen through the door to know if his aunt was there, but he only heard whispers that he couldn´t understand.

He left his aunt´s book in the floor, and went to his room, he could not think of nothing but the woeds "Don´t sleep tonight" in the book, strangely enough, when the thought of the strange whispers came to his mind, he found himself drousy, and fell asleep. Suddenly, it was 3 07 in the morning, he awoke to a sudden and strong neck grab, as he felt the long and curved nails of that monster piercing, with a long and faint smile, through his stomach, he couldn´t shout...

The boy, all covered in sweat, woke up to that horrid nightmare, he saw the book opened at his feet, now with the words "Now you´ll sleep" written in the last page, then, abruptly, the room´s door was being heavily pushed and kkicked, Caelum could hear scratches being made, he looked at the clock in his left. It was 3 06.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Where I live

Colombia is one of the 20 countries that Latin America has, located in the north-occidental part of South America and in the equator, is actually one of the most well known countries in Latin America. It shares borders with Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru. the Colombian territory contains in its floors the amazon rainforest, tropical grasslands, and the Carribean and Pacific coasts. It is one of the world´s megadiverse countries ecologically, and it is the most densely biodiverse country of these. Colombia is one of the most promising emerging markets in Latin America, obtaining macroeconomic stability, gaining a stable and arousing market. Colombia is very extreme floor-wise, it contains from snowy, unactive volcanoes and the big mountains of the Andes, and the tropical beaches that run the north and west of the country where the coasts are located, to deserts in the north like La Guajira, and vast greenlands. It has become one of the most turistic countries of Latin America in the past years, attracting over 3.2 million tourists in 2017. the people are really diverse, too, they mostly decend from Indians, African people, and European settlers, not to count the turkish families that came here later, making the music, dance, art, and gastronomy very unique.

The city in which I live is Barranquilla, it is not that big, but definetely not small, i´d say it is a pretty good and nice city to live in, it is not too stressful, or too boring. Barranquilla is the capital of the Atlantico department, that is located in the northern part of the country, that means it is located in the coastlines, so it has beaches, that are kinda dirty, but it is really not bad, and they make great places to hang out with friends and family. One very peculiar thing about living in Barranquilla is that everybody knows everybody, just like in a town, maybe because families are somehow related to one another. Barranquila is placed near the Magdalena River, this river thus becoming a serving port for water transportation inside Colombia. The most important cultural event of Barranquilla, and of Colombia is the Carnival of Barranquilla, it starts four days before the holy month arrives, and all activities are ceased because of the intense festivities, people who don´t like these days usually go to cities like Santa Marta to escape from all the rumbling. Barranquilla is definetely going to grow in the next years, even though it has a kind of chaotic infrastructure, I think it is going to remodelate completely its administration, and facade.

I live in the Riomar neighbourhood, in front of the Electrificadora park, it is a  really quiet neighbourhood and nothing really happens, I used to have a few freinds around, but they all moved, so now it is quiet for real, the only thing that ever happens to do noise is the sound of people walking and playing football in the park, and it is barely heard, I really don´t have complaints about it. I can move freely around my neighbourhood, because it is not dangerous at all, and everything around it I already know, I can take out my dog for a walk in the park or around my block, depends on how lazy I am at the moment, I can go get stupid stuff in the little market that i have near my house. My house really stands out in the neighbourhood, reflecting how boring it is, it is a 5 story house right in the middle of my block, that happens to be the center of my neighbourhood. Sometimes little birthday parties are made in the park, they do not make much noise, but it really stands out when it happens, given the silence that usually dominates the place. Basically my neighbourhood is a really nice, boring place to live in, but when you think about it, you really have everything you need right next to you.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Juanse´s little biography

My name is Juan Sebastian Macias Cure, I was born september 29-2002. I live in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia, and I am currently 15 years old. I am almost finishing high school at Lyndon B. Johnson school, I am in 11th grade, more specifically. I entered at LbJ when I was just 5 years old, in kinder garden, and I have been here since. I met my closest friends in my school, they are, besides my blood family, the people I trust the most.

I am part of a really big and close family, but my closest relatives are the ones that live with me. My dad´s name is Ramses Macias, he is a chemical engineer, and works all day long, my mom is a stetic doctor, and owns a clinical spa, she works a lot too, and travels a lot like my dad, they are both really great and lovely parents. My brother´s name is Mateo, he studies at LBJ, too. He is really tall and loves to play sports, my sister Shadia is just 9 years old, she loves making things such as slime and all that. Finally my grandma Dalis, she is really religious and loves to cook even though we have a domestic employee in the house.

A fair bit of my family lives here in Barranquilla. After graduating, I hope to study a few years of medicine here, to be some extra years here in Barranquilla with my friends and family.